Banna Mirza: Beauty, grace and reflective demeanour

March 27, 2009

Syeda Shamin Mortada
Our small screen is a kaleidoscope that presents various colours of life. Today, the television has become a powerful and effective medium that consists of a galaxy of dazzling stars. Many celebrities over the years have contributed to their respective fields and gained popularity as an acknowledgement for their dedication. One of them is Banna Mirza, whose beauty, grace and reflective demeanour have won the hearts of many.
In a freewheeling chat with The Daily Star, Banna talks about her life and professional experiences.
Banna Mirza earned her acting credentials through theatre and is known for her acting sensibilities. Talking about her early days, she says, “I thought of doing something just after I completed my HSC. I have been involved with the theatre troupe, Desh Natok, for 18 long years.” Hungry for variety, Banna has managed to dig roles that offer her scope to convey myriad emotions. Some of her memorable work on stage includes — “Darpan-e Sharat Shashi,” “Nittyo Puran,” “Birsha Kabbyo,” “Ghar Lopat” and many more.
The actress continues, “It was Saidul Anam Tutul and Salauddin Lavlu who inspired me to work in TV plays. ‘Shukh-er Nongor’ written by Ahmed Yusuf Saber was my first work on the small screen.” Banna says, “’Di Chokro Jan’ directed by Salauddin Lavlu and written by Masum Reza; ‘Ayesha Mongol’ directed by Mostafa Sarwar Farooki and written by Anisul Haque; ‘Bhogoban Ke Daki,’ directed by Ashrafi Mithu and written by Masum Reza are my personal favourites.”
Talking about her vice and virtues, she says, “I’m a very professional person. I’m also very particular about my work and tend to be logical and focused at all times. I don’t think that I’m overly emotional. At times I have difficulty controlling my temper, however, I manage to stay composed and poised most of the time.”
Speaking about her favourite medium, Banna says, “Theatre is my passion and it has its own values. I consider TV as my profession. Two very different thoughts are involved with each. There is only one thing in common — one needs to be dedicated and give it his/her best shot.”
The audience seems to love the thespian’s spontaneity and confidence as a TV show host as well. According to Banna, “Hosting shows is an interesting job if done fittingly. It is kind of fun interviewing people and discovering their individuality.”
On the personal front, Banna is happy and contended. She says, “My family is very supportive. My parents have never stopped me from doing something I want. My brothers and sisters are encouraging as well.”

Courtesy of The Daily Star

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