Movie Mentors

February 25, 2009

Movies are living proof that even the weakest, ugliest and most stupid of us can be transformed into swans who reach their potential or beat off the bad guys.
But to achieve this said potential you are going to need a helping hand along the way and some of cinema’s best characters have been mentors who have guided their young prodigies along.
FemaleFirst takes a look at some of the best.
1. Yoda
Lets face it it had to be a Jedi master that tops our chart and no Jedi master comes wiser than the little green dude known as Yoda who put Star Wars’ hero Luke Skywalker through his paces.
Yoda has the all the best traits that are required in a high calibre he is wise and capable of performing tasks that are seemingly impossible and with little effort. He also has previous training Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu.
It was his role in The Empire Strikes Back that really does cement him as the top dog and the blueprint for any other mentor that has come along since.
But after demonstrating the flaws that led to his father’s downfall Yoda is reluctant to train Luke in the ways of the force but does so as a favour to Obi-Wan.
2. Mr Miyagi
Karate Kid’s mentor Mr Miyagi has possibly one of the most repeated quotes in cinema history and the character is summed up with the words ‘Wax on, wax off.’
Miyagi really is a human version of Yoda short, wise, old and speaks in broken English and manages to teach a young boy from Detroit how to kick some ass without even breaking a sweat.
As well as preparing Daniel for the tournament Miyagi becomes a surrogate father figure for the young boy as well as a friend.
Throughout the training Miyagi is not just teaching Daniel karate but life lessons that he then applies in his everyday life.
3. Mickey Goldmill
While Yoda and Mr Miyagi may have offered words of comfort and encouragement Mickey Goldmill was the king of the put down putting Rocky Balboa firmly in his place.
“You had a talent to become a good fighter but instead of that, you become a leg breaker to some cheap, second rate loan shark!” Ouch, tell is as it is son.
But Goldmill was always a step ahead knowing how to make the best of Rocky’s abilities changing him from a left-handed fighting style to a right-handed style in an effort to both confuse Creed and to protect an eye Balboa had badly injured in their first fight.
Oh yeah it and it worked!
4. Morpheus
When you are faced with the truth that all of reality is a virtual construct designed by robots to keep us human slaves down you are going to need a little help getting your head around it all.
After searching for years to find the One, aka Neo, it’s up to Morpheus to tech him some handy techniques and stylish moves of staying alive.
The man turned the useless Thomas Anderson into a geezer that could stop bullets… nice work!

FemaleFirst Helen Earnshaw

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