Kites- Movie Review

May 23, 2010

Hrithik Roshan’s Kites may make his fans very happy by the way he has been presented (and he enacted) in the film but those looking out for a never seen been before experience that was promised through its mega marketing blitzkrieg will be in for a major disappointment.
J. (Hrithik Roshan) is a dance teacher in Las Vegas, who is also in the business of marrying illegal immigrants in order for them to get green cards. While being at his dance class, a rich casino heiress Gina (Kangana Ranaut) falls for her dance instructor. When J. comes to know of the background of Gina, the lust for green paper makes him play along the romance and marriage game with Gina. But when Gina brings him home to meet the family, J. meets Natasha (Barbara Mori) and discovers a piece of his past. The film travels back and forth time and locations – just as J. and Natasha find love in each other and elope to Mexico to start their live afresh while Tony and his gang is baying for their blood.
The biggest problem for Kites is its main lead characters played by Hrithik and Barbara lack sympathy what with both being gold diggers. While it may be trying to impress the Hollywood films audience, the basic plotline is extremely dated for a Hindi film. In fact at places you even feel you are watching Koyla in its remixed avatar. Yes it is visually stunning (brilliant camerawork by Ayananka Bose) and Hrithik seems to have given it his all. But the most important factor of the film, the script falters big time and the uneven pacing being the additional issue.
To give due credit, director Anurag Basu has given the film a gloomy operatic feel and the background score enhances this effect. Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori’s chemistry sizzles on screen despite their character’s language barrier. Their English-Spanish banter adds up to some funny moments. The countryside ambience of New Mexico, picturesque fountains of LA or the freeway chase in US, the virgin locations have been superbly captured. Rajesh Roshan’s music is very good, especially the song Zindagi Do Pal Ki. But mind you all the songs are played in the background and are not lip synced.
While Hrithik is outstanding in his role, Barbara is extremely good as well. There is an extremely endearing quality about her that you can’t help but end up falling in love with her as an actress. Nicholas Brown is menacingly good and is also a welcome change from the typical villain faces we see regularly. Kabir Bedi suits the part. Anand Tiwari playing Hrithik’s best buddy also is a refreshing addition. Kangana Ranaut does what she has been doing in all her past films. But just that she is just about a guest appearance.
Kites doesn’t justifying the hype surrounding it but if you still want to have a dekko, go in with zero expectations and some things including the unusual, unexpected ending may take you by surprise.

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