Chris Hemsworth Returns As Tyler Rake In ‘Extraction 2’ Trailer

September 27, 2021

Chris Hemsworth appears at Netflix’s global live stream event TUDUM to confirm that his character Tyler Rake will return in Extraction 2.
Netflix released the first teaser of Chris Hemsworth’s starrer action franchise “Extraction 2” on Saturday.
The 1 min 35-sec teaser showcased the last scene of the movie where Tyler Rake( Chris Hemsworth) gets shot and falls off a bridge into the river.
The scene then moves on to Tyler falling deep into the bottom of the river and then the audience gets to hear an ominous voice who tells him that, “You drown not by falling into the river, but by staying submerged in it.” Quickly the tough mercenary opens up his eyes and races towards the surface.
The trailer closes with a title card that reads, “#RakeLives.”
Directed by former stuntman Sam Hargrave and produced by Joe and Anthony Russo of “Avengers: Endgame” fame, audiences are waiting to watch the sequel as the first movie was rated Netflix’s most-watched original film to date.
“Extraction” marked the debut of Dhaka as a prime setting in a major big-budget Hollywood film. Fans from this part of the world were excited to see how their beloved city turned out to be in Hollywood’s lenses.
One of the pioneers of Hip Hop in Bangladesh, Black Zang’s song, “No Boundaries” was included in the movie.

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