Two films to hit cinemas today

January 31, 2014

Two films to hit cinemas todayTwo romantic films will hit the cinemas across the country today.
Both the films, Mahmud Hossain Murad’s Maner Moddhe Lekha and Wajed Ali Sumon’s Ki Darun Dekhte, will be released in more
than sixty cinemas across the country.
Murad’s romantic thriller Maner Moddhe Lekha is produced by Merina Movies. The film stars new duo Sagor and Shampa. Both the actors have entered the film industry through participating in the ‘superhero-superheroine’ reality programme of a private television channel.
The duo’s first film Moner Moddhe Lekha features a couple’s overcoming of hurdles and hiccups to be united. Noted actor Amit Hasan has acted a negative role in the film.
Wajed Ali Sumon’s Ki Darun Dekhte is produced by S and S Films. Emerging duo Bappy and Mahi have paired for the romantic film. The film will show the hero, from a poor family, trying to help his ailing mother. The hero (Bappy) takes recourse to fraud ways, but ultimately meets the heroine in a Dhalliwood fashion.
The Bappy-Mahi duo has already earned acclaim from filmgoers. The duo has so far paired in films like Bhalobasar Rang and Annarakam Bhalobasa.

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