Three Shakib Khan films to be released this Eid

August 29, 2011

Movie theatres around the country are inundated with Shakib Khan films. In addition to the ones already running, three new films starring the actor will be released this Eid: Shahin Suman’s “Tiger Number One”, Badiul Alam’s “Ekbar Bolo Bhalobashi” and MB Manik’s “Jan Korban”.
Khan is working on six movies at present. And a dozen are almost complete: Mohammad Hossain Jemi’s “King Khan”, Badiul Alam Khokon’s “Boss Number One”, F.I. Manik’s “Judge Barrister Police Commissioner”, Chashi Nazrul Islam’s “Devdas”, Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s “Shey Amar Mon Kereche” and “Ek Mon Ek Pran”, MB Manik’s “Jaan Tumi Pran Tumi”, Nur Hossain Bolai’s “Opomaner Jala” and Mohammad Hossain’s “Ami Number One”.
Shooting of several films are underway: “Ek Takar Denmohor”, “I love you”, “Ei Tho Prem”, “Moner Ghore Boshot Kore”, “My Name Is Sultan”, “Shopner Bidesh”, “Dui Prithibi”, “Prem Maney Na Badha”, “Buk Phate Tho Mukh Phote Na”, “Bichar Ami Korbo”, “Tomake BhulboNa” and “Tumi Shudhui Amar”.

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