Shimana again in big screen

March 31, 2011

At the end of 2007 promising TV actress and model Shimana started her film career by the movie ‘Daruchini Dweep,’ directed by Tawquir Ahmed. In that movie, she performed in the role of Naima.
From that time she had intention to establish her career in the film arena. But due to lack of favourable script and story Shimana didn’t perform in any movie then.
Recently she got a proposal to cast in a movie, which will be directed by Nargis Akhter. Shimana will perform in the role of bride in Nargis’ movie ‘Putro Ekhon Paisawala.’ Her character will be Romana in that movie.
While sharing her feelings to perform in any movie after three years Shimana told this correspondent, “From the very beginning in my career in the media I wanted to establish myself in the big screen. For this reason, to work in plays I was waiting for a good story of a film. Nargis apa gave me that opportunity. I hope I will attract the viewers with my performance in her movie.”
According to the director of the movie Nargis Akhter, muharrat of the movie will be held on April 26. It will be produced by Multimedia Production of ATN Bangla. By this movie popular singer Robi Chowdhury is going to introduce his career as a music director. Bobita, Rina Khan, Misha Sawdagar, Shaina Amin, Mounata, Emon, among others, will also perform in the movie in different roles.
Story was written by Gazi Mazharul Anwar and it is scripted by Nargis Akhter herself. Now Shimana is working in ‘Gulshan Avenue,’ ‘Lifestyle,’ ‘Sabuj Nakshatra,’ ‘Amader Sangsar,’ ‘Anyo Ronger Dhaka,’ ‘Mouchake Dhil,’ ‘Aynaghor’ and other drama serials.


Courtesy of The New Nation

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