Shakib Khan likely to dominate Eid box office

October 4, 2014

Shakib Khan likely to dominate Eid box officeLike previous few eids, this eid film market is most likely to be dominated by Shakib Khan with a surprising number of three films. In absence of any Ananta Jalil film, which put Shakib to a stiff test in last two eids, Shakib’s dominance in the box office is very plausible. It was reported in some newspapers and entertainment portals even a month back that for the first time in the last few years, Shakib Khan is going to be absent during the high intensity eid window of releases.
But ‘hero: the superstar’ has come up with three films instead of the usual one or two. The films are Kothin Protishodh, Hitman and Sera Nayok.
The only noticeable challenge Shakib’s films are going to face is perhaps by Arefin Shuvo’s Kistimat.
For children and teens, who would like to hit cinemas with parents and friends, there is Amra Korbo Joy, a horror film that aims to cater to the young audiences.
All the other four films during eid, it seems, will keep the audiences tuned to the stereotypical Dhallywood flavour of action-romance-song-dance thriller.
On the other hand Amra Korbo Joy, directed by Ahsan Sarwar and produced by Black Shine Production House, can be a good watch for
children. Centering on a haunted zamindar palace, the film will explore the mysteries lying secretly in-between the forsaken walls of the palace.
To come to Shakib Khan’s films, the hero has paired up with Apu Biswas, his better-half-in-reel in all the three films. The films Kothin Protishodh (directed by Nazrul Islam Khan and produced by Sandhani Films), Sera Nayok (directed by Wakil Ahmed and produced by Sachetan Films Media) and Hitman (directed by Wajed Ali Sumon and produced by Sajib Films) will hit around eighty cinemas each across the country.
In Kistimat, Arefin Shuvo has paired up with Achol. Directed by Ashiqur Rahman and produced by Tiger Media, the film will hit around eighty cinemas as well.

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