Sarbonasha Yaba to be released today

November 14, 2014

Sarbonasha Yaba to be released todayNoted filmmaker Kazi Hayat’s latest film Sarbonasha Yaba is set to release at cinemas across the country today. Kazi Maruf, Prosun Azad, Toma, Mehmud Siddique, Kazi Hayat, and others have acted in the play. The film depicts the disastrous impacts of the drug known as ‘yaba’ on the youngsters of the country. ‘I’m really concerned about the young generation being affected by the growing threat of yaba. Therefore, I have made the film portraying the vicious consequences of taking yaba. I consider spreading awareness about it as my social responsibility,’ Kazi Hayat, who has also written the story and screenplay of the film, told New Age.
The film is a production of Kazi Maruf Films.

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