Runway screened at Jahangirnagar University

March 24, 2011

As part of a country-wide campaign, Tareque and Catherine Masud’s latest film “Runway” was screened at the Zahir Raihan auditorium, Jahangirnagar University. The two-day event was held on March 21-22. Masud’s other films — “Adam Surat”, a documentary on the life and works of artist SM Sultan and “Naroshundar”, a short film on the Liberation War– were also being screened along with “Runway”.
Shruti Chalachchitra arranged the event in association with Zahir Raihan Film Society and Jahangirnagar Students’ Film Society.
The original story and screenplay of “Runway” [by the Masuds] were inspired by the events of 2005-2006, when a rise in the violent activities of extremist groups brought the country to the brink of chaos. The film also looks at the wider complexity of religious extremism, impact of local and international politics and economic realities.
The film zooms in on Ruhul, who lives with his family in a shack next to the runway of the international airport. A madrassah dropout, Ruhul spends his days wandering under the shadows of the planes — aimless and frustrated in his futile efforts to find work. One day he meets Arif, a computer savvy young man who exudes confidence and a sense of purpose. The world Arif introduces Ruhul to, seems inspiring and new, but gradually Ruhul’s life spirals into a nefarious netherworld of intolerance, violence and ultimately, death.
The cast is primarily made up of newcomers, including Md. Fazlul Haque as Ruhul; Rabeya Akter Moni and Ali Ahsan. Other cast members include Nazmul Huda Bachchu, Nasrin Akter, Rikita Nandini Shimu and Jayanto Chattopadhyay.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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