Riaz-Purnima on silver screen

February 28, 2014

Riaz-Purnima on silver screenAfter overcoming many hurdles, the film ‘Lobhe Paap Paape Mrittu’ by Riaz-Purnima has been released in the theatres. Through this film, the popular pair of one time has come on screen after a long time. The film has been premiered in 30 theatres on the occasion of valentines. It will released in 40 other theatres by this week, informed the Sohanur Rahman Sohan, the director of the film. Sohan said, ‘I started the working for this film 4 years back. But due to some unavoidable circumstances the shooting was delayed. We started working with the technology of 35 mm, but later shifted to the digital technology. Then we cracked a deal with an organization regarding the release of the film. However the organization failed to fulfill its promises. Moreover, the political conditions were not that appropriate either, therefore we delayed the release of the film. On the other hand Sohan has sighed with relief after the late release of the film. He said, ‘it feels as if delaying the release was not a bad idea, According to the information provided by the theatre owners and booking agents the film is doing a wonderful job in the box office. The story has attracted the audiences. Thus we are considering the release of the film in 40 more theatres by this week.’ Regarding the new film Riaz said, ‘Began the shooting of the film 4 years ago. I hope everyone will like the film.’ In response to the use of digital technology Riaz said, ‘Recently people are doing many things in the name of digital technology. I do not want to include myself in this. But I will work if get an opportunity in a good script under a good director.’ To be noted, the pair of Riaz-Purnima has gained popularity over the years. Their popular films include Moner Majhe Tumi, Hridoyer Kotha, Akash Choya Bhalobasha and others.

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