Premiere show of ‘Indumotir Boitha’

December 31, 2009

The premiere show of the documentary titled ‘Indumotir Boitha’ directed by Biplob Kumar Paul was held at Bangladesh Film Centre auditorium in Dhanmondi in the city on Tuesday.
The documentary has depicted how Indumoti, an underprivileged woman, struggles to feed her handicapped son and daughters and dreams to see better days ahead.
The documentary focuses on the story of struggle of an illiterate woman living at a remote village in Natore district. Indumoti now in her sixties earns livelihood by rowing boat in a canal in her village to feed her three handicapped son and daughters.
Everyone, even her two physically fit sons, avoids to take the responsibility of running the family. She does backbreaking work of rowing boat to maintain the family. However, her only anxiety is about what will happen to her handicapped son and daughters when she will be no more in the world. Who will provide her son and daughters with food and other ecessities?
Noted filmmaker Tanvir Mokammel and Gram Theatre general secretary Humayun Kabir Himu were, among others, present at the premiere show.
Tanvir Mokammel said this was a good documentary as the director had tried to bring a struggling woman into light. The woman is a glaring example of the struggling women, who can be followed.
Biplob Kumar Paul said, ‘We live in a modern society where we become depressed frequently. But Indumoti did not break down from depression, rather she continued with her struggle to live and feed her family members.’

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