Jalil, Shakib head to head for Box Office dominance

July 27, 2014

Jalil, Shakib head to head for Box Office dominanceIt seems the filmdom of the country, known as Dhallywood, is acute with the rivalry of two ‘superstars’- MA Jalil Ananta and Shakib Khan. Both the actors dominated last year’s Eid-ul-Fitr. Jalil’s Nishshartha Bhalobasa (What is Love) and Shakib’s Purna Doirgha Prem Kahini did remarkably good business, and, by doing so, made the contemporary actors archrivals.
This Eid-ul-Fitr, the scene is almost same with releases of Ananta Jalil’s big-budget, much hyped Most Welcome 2 and Shakib Khan starrer Hero: The Superstar. These two films will most definitely fight for dominance in the Box Office.
A total of four films are going to hit screens across the country this Eid-ul-Fitr. Besides Most Welcome 2 and Hero: The Superstar, Shahfi Uddin Shafi’s Honeymoon and Mohammad Hossain’s I Don’t Care are also being released. It is interesting to observe that all these films have English titles, which seems to be fashionable these days.
While the male actors’ rivalry is concentrated between Jalil and Shakib, rivalry among female actors is a little extended. Barsha (Most Welcome 2), Apu Biswas (Hero: The Superstar), Mahiya Mahi (Honeymoon) and Boby (Hero: The Superstar and I Don’t Care) will drive for acclaim.
Jalil’s Most Welcome 2 is a sequel to 2012 film Most Welcome. The film is scripted and directed by ‘multi-talented’ Ananta Jalil, and has claimed to be ‘the most expensive Dhallywood film’ that has been made till date.
The plot of the film revolves around the invention of cancer vaccination by a young Bangladeshi scientist, played by none other than sultry Barsha. The story intensifies when an underground mafia don (Misha Soudagar) wants to snatch away the formula while a noble police officer, played by Ananta Jalil tries to protect the formula and the scientist.
The film has been shot at many exotic locations and in countries like Thailand and UK. Produced by Monsoon Films, Most Welcome 2 will hit around 75 screens during the Eid festival.
On the other hand, Shakib Khan starrer Hero: The Superstar is the first film produced by the hero by his production house SK Productions. The film stars Shakib Khan where he will be seen romancing Boby and Apu Biswas in female lead roles. Around 90 cinemas will screen the film during Eid.
All said about Jalil-Shakib, there comes another name- Bappy, relatively a humble rival but no less in caliber and gradually soaring up in popularity. Bappy will be seen in two romantic films Honeymoon and I Don’t Care. Each of these two films will be released at around 60 cinemas all over the country.

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