Ferdous emerges as producer 

November 26, 2014

Ferdous emerges as producerPopular actor Ferdous starred two films would be released on Friday across the country, one of which is produced by the actor himself.
He is playing the lead role in the self produced film Ek Cup Cha, directed by Naim Imtiaz Neamul. He is also playing a major character in the triangular love story Char Akkharer Bhalobasha, directed by Zakir Khan.
Commenting on his debut produced film Ek Kap Cha, Ferdaus said, ‘I’ll be paired with popular actress Moushumi in the romantic film that features a relation between a university teacher and a librarian, which is written by my mentor in film industry Basu Chatterjee.’
The renowned actors of Dhaka and Kolakata based film industries like late actor Humayun Faridee, Alamgir, Shakib Khan, Anisur Rahman Milon, Mir Sabbir, Emon, Nirob and Nipun will have guest appearance in the film.
‘Faridee bhai was alive and active when we started the project three years back. We have tried to include as many stars as possible from Dhaka and Kolkata based film industries,’ said Ferdaus adding that producing film was like an adventure for him but he enjoyed acting most.
Ferdous went on informing that he was busy working in three more films of which two were directed by actress Moushumi herself. ‘I’m acting in a romantic film and a political satire both of which are directed by Moushumi,’ said Ferdaus adding that he was also acting in a romantic film titled Shunno Hridoy, directed by Mushfiqur Rahman Guljer.
The candid artiste also said that he preferred working in diverse roles these days rather than acting in typical romantic hero characters. ‘Recently I’ve played some challenging characters such as coroner’s assistant and political leader,’ said Ferdaus adding that he had fascination of enacting anti-hero character in future.
Ferdous stepped into filmdom through Basu Chatterjee’s Hotath Brishti, an India-Bangladesh co-production, which gained huge popularity in 1998. Since then the successful artiste has acted in more than 200 films and is also very popular in the West Bengal film industry.

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