Daring Lover: love, spice and some vice

May 9, 2014

Daring Lover- love, spice and some viceStanding in front of Almas and Dinar, two most prominent movie halls in Chittagong, I had to make a choice between Daring Lover and Jongoler Tarzan. While the former played at major theatres in Dhaka, the latter took me by surprise. Never heard that such a film was being released! Jongoler Tarzan, the name is self-explanatory and the rather risqué poster suggested that this was one of ‘those’ films that are never released in major cities. Lions, tigers, snakes and a voluptuous woman wearing a gossamer material gown showing her lingerie. Guess that is our Bangladeshi Jane and, on the other side is a beastly looking man with his biceps bulging. Our Tarzan, I presume!
These are basically movies made at a low budget, featuring unknown actors, rather careless about their clothes. Anyway, had to resist the urge to watch this because, unless you live outside Dhaka there is no chance of watching this film.
So, Daring Lover it was…the film has already started, the ticket seller informed.
Well, I have seen too many Bangla movies and realise that even if someone is one hour late, it will take half a minute to understand the whole plot.
So, Daring Lover is about a very irreverent, cheeky young man (played by Shakib Khan) from the lower strata of society who falls in love with the sister (enacted by Apu Biswas) of a tycoon plus mobster. Obviously, water and oil cannot match and hence the oft used line…….being the sister of Riahan Chowdhury, you cannot fall in love with a street loafer…..in Bengali films, the title ‘Chowdhury’ means a lot – it denotes class and status though there is no problem if someone from the Chowdhury family patronises armed goons and trained killers.
But Shakib Khan is also Raja of Rajabazar and Apu is Priya and the villain of the piece is Priya’s brother Rashed Raihan Chowdhury, played by bad man de jour – Misa Sowdagor.
Seeing Priya in the university campus, Raja decides to become her love slave but her brother becomes the obtascle.
But who can stop love? Or, to remember Lord Byron…Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey and, hence, despite some initial refusal, Priya falls in love with Raja. Like a sensible man, Rashed Raihan Chowdhury calls Raja to an isolated bungalow for some practical advice — Raja can never afford Priya since the girl’s monthly nail polish expenditure is over 1 lakh! Worse, the car which she uses is expensive than the bus in which Raja goes to university.
To make things short – pal, either you become rich or get lost!
And, for getting out of Priya’s life, here’s the Tk 1.5 crore that Raihan Chowdhury offers. Great deal! Thinks Raja (used his head like a king) and walks away with the cash.
But this is not enough!
Blackmailing the brother by threatening to release some intimate photos of his sister on Facebook, Raja take some more money – taking a total of 5 crores.
Right, meanwhile, Priya finds out that her lover is actually a mercenary and hence all the common drama – crying, refusing to eat and cutting off the tendons. Hmmm, though she throws away food, her figure remains ‘joteeel’, sorry, slim and sexy.
One must thank Apu for losing the cellulite – she looks very appealing in her newly toned down figure. Way to go girl….keep it up, no more sweets during breaks!
Okay, with the money, Raja becomes a successful real estate magnate, overtaking Rashed Chowdhury. Success comes fast – at least in movies! Soon, he is driving a Prado. However, there is a thorn in bliss because when Raja’s parents heard that he had taken the money in exchange of a promise to forget Priya, their ideals force them to kick Raja out of the house.
Though they lived in poverty all their lives, the sight of money does not move them at all.
In Bangla movies, the poor are virtuous to the point of becoming saints and we do not see an exception here. Only the rich are portrayed as reprobates and sinners.
Worried about the fact that Priya cannot forget Raja, the evil brother decides to marry her off to an expat and then the bomb is exploded – long ago, Raja and Priya had married in secret which means Priya is already married!
No, this cannot be……made unconscious during a fight, Raja’s signature is taken on a divorce paper and the wedding of Priya arranged with the other dude.
Our man Raja is not to be daunted……supported by his pals, he arrives at the party, bleeding and holding a black rucksack.
In short, give me back my wife because now I am rich enough to even buy you off! And here’s the Taka 5 core I took form you with interest!
Hmmmm, intelligent man that Raihan is, he thinks, what the hell, this is smart dude with bucks, so kick out that stupid expatriate guy sitting on the dias (who may turn out to be a fast food joint waiter in America) sporting a puzzled look and, come my dear Raja, you are the kind of guy that I always wanted.
Fast forward some emotional dialogues and the assertion by Priya – you did not have to become rich to have me, girls always want love and to hell with the BMW, the house in Gulshan and the Prada handbags…though now that you have them, I won’t say No to it.
All’s well that ends well –Raja gets Priya, villain brother is happy to have found the right guy(who has the right mix of wealth, cunningness and ambition) the expat hubby to be is possibly trying out local brandy which tastes like rotten coconut juice and I come out with the lesson – mamma, without money, honey soon begins to taste funny!
By the way, how about going in for a second time to watch Jongoler Tarzan?

-With New Age input

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