Bangladeshi short film “The Professionals” to be screened at three int’l fests

September 30, 2010

Bangladeshi short film “The Professionals” has been selected to participate at three international film festivals — two in the USA and the other in the UK. “The Professionals” will be screened at Chicago South Asian Film Festival, USA; 25th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, USA and 18th Raindance Film Festival, UK.
The film, by emerging filmmaker Oniket Alam, will have its first screening at the Chicago festival on October 2. It will be screened in Fort Lauderdale on October 5 and at the Raindance on October 8.
Cal Jahan has written the story of the film, featuring Aref Syed as the protagonist. The story follows Joshim (Syed), a mid-level employee at an industry. A doctor’s negligence leaves Joshim crippled him for life. A single act of carelessness by one professional destroys another’s dreams and hopes. A chance encounter gives Joshim an opportunity to take revenge. Will he take the high road, or seek revenge?
“Responsibility, inspiration and persistence are the three main themes that I tried to play with in the film,” said Oniket.
The film has been shot in HDV format at different locations in Satkhira and Khulna. Original running time of the film is 12 minutes 58 seconds. The film in Bangla has French and English subtitles.
“The Professionals” will have a special screening in Bangladesh after its participation at the festivals.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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