Aanata offers help to underprivileged children

July 11, 2015

Aanata offers help to underprivileged childrenAnanta Jalil definitely knows how to make headlines. And this time he made headlines for a good reason.
The film star has decided to sell his personal belongings to help underprivileged children as part of a fundraising campaign jointly organised by Jaago Foundation, Bikroy.con and Nakshikantha.
The campaign, titled #DeemParbeNa, is urging celebrities to sell their personal belongings and donate the proceedings to help give the children education and a better life.
Ananta, instead of himself choosing the goods for sale, has left the decision up to his fans, asking them to tell him what good(s) of his they want to be sold for the cause.
‘I will be pleased to donate my belongings for underprivileged children, who belong to the lowest stratum of society and deserve a better life. I hope that with the proceedings some of them will be able to enjoy a better Eid festival this year,’ Ananta Jalil told New Age.
Fans can send their suggestions to competition@bikroy.com, or reply directly to the post on Bikroy.com’s Facebook page. Jalil will review the suggestions and make his decisions accordingly.
The items will be sold on Bikroy.com and the money collected that way will be donated to the fund of Jaago Foundation, a youth volunteers’ organisation.

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