Reality bites: Katrina Kaif feeling gloomy and depressed

June 23, 2009

Although she is a superstar, surrounded by all glitz and glory and the best of materialistic desires money can buy, Katrina Kaif is feeling gloomy after her recent brush with harsh reality. The dainty beauty was left feeling sad and miserable after her recent visit to the much controversial security prison at Guantanamo Bay.
With several gruesome horror stories surrounding the prison, Katrina who shot at Guntanamo Bay was extremely depressed after the set shoot. On learning the brutalities and tortures several innocents had been subjected to in the prison, Katrina went in a state of shock.
Speaking to a news daily, the sad beauty said, “We are not making a documentary on 9/11 and so this film is highly entertaining yet very realistic. We shot in actual locations associated with the 9/11 attacks and Guantanamo was one of them. I was there for just a day to shoot my portions. It was shocking to see the high-profile prison where people who were sentenced for their lives were also living.”
“I did not meet any person arrested and jailed in connection with the terror attacks. But I have heard stories about them when I was shooting there. Some most wanted criminals have stayed there”, she added.
Talking about Katrina’s disdain, a news daily quoted a source as saying, “Katrina was amazed that we were making a movie for entertainment but here were prisoners leading a life of confinement completely devoid of entertainment. Kabir (Khan) narrated an actual incident about 9/11 and the prisoners who were detained in Guantanamo bay. That shocked Katrina. She felt that how we live in a very cushioned world, when in reality there is an awful amount of brutality.”

Courtesy of spicezee

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