Princess Diana tops list of famous dead most Brits would like to talk to

January 31, 2011

Most Britons think it is possible to communicate with the dead – and the person they would most like to talk to is Princess Diana.
Two-thirds of us believe in life after death, a third think there is a heaven and a fifth expect to be reincarnated.
These are the findings of a survey on modern attitudes towards spiritualism.
Some 58 per cent of Britons believe their dead loved ones are “with them in spirit” – while 40 per cent believe in guardian angels.
A fifth claim to have seen a ghost or felt the presence of a spirit and 53 per cent believe that psychics are able to communicate with the dead.
Diana was the most popular choice of famous person to contact, with Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe in second and third place.
However, the most common ghost sighting is of a relative or friend, the survey of 3,000 adults revealed.
The poll, by Dr Penny Sartori, was conducted to mark the release of Hereafter, directed by Clint Eastwood. The film is about a man who can talk to the dead.
Dr Sartori, an expert in near-death experiences, said: “We are beginning to see a notable rise of people who are having near-death experiences and encounters with the deceased relatives.
“With an increase in reported incidents of this nature it isn’t surprising that we as a nation are becoming increasingly more open-minded in accepting that consciousness may exist independently of the body and is not created by the brain.” A Church of England spokesman said: “Surveys and studies typically report a huge interest in the spiritual side of life – and the Church of England feeds the nation’s desire for Christian worship with a Christian presence in every community in the country.”
Two out of five of those surveyed admitted they would like to speak to a deceased loved one.
One in five said they had visited a medium or psychic, spending an average of £31 per visit. Almost the same number believed that someone in their family had a ­psychic ability. The findings also reveal that a quarter of people describe themselves as religious, with a third saying they are “spiritual” even if they do not attend church regularly.
However, while the report points to openness on spiritual matters, not everyone was comfortable talking about their experiences.
More than a fifth were embarrassed to admit they had seen a ghost and 18 per cent were embarrassed to say they had been visited by a guardian angel.


Via: Daily Express                                                                                                                         Image credit: Supplied

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