A prolific playback voice goes silent forever

July 6, 2020

Andrew Kishore, one of the most prolific playback singers of the country, passed away this evening at his hometown Rajshahi after battling cancer for months. He was 64. Kishore breathed his last at 7:00pm at the residence of his sister Dr Shikha Biswas in Rajshahi city, his brother-in-law Dr Patrick Bipul Biswas confirmed to The Daily Star.
“He passed away at 7:00 pm. I can’t tell you anything more at this moment. Let us recover from the shock first,” Dr Patrick told our correspondent.
Andrew Kishore had been under oxygen support at his sister’s home. A part of the house is also a clinic owned by her.
He moved there after returning home from Singapore, following a nine-month treatment.
The eight-time National Film Award winner left behind his wife Lipika Andrew Eti, daughter Minim Andrew Songya, son Jay Andrew Soptok and millions of fans to mourn his untimely demise.
His wife Lipika was with him, said Dr Dipakendranath Das, Andrew’s friend from his college days and former chairman of Rajshahi Education Board. He said, Andrew’s body would be preserved until his son Soptok and daughter Songya — who are studying in Australia — can return home for his funeral. He would be buried at Rajshahi Christian Graveyard at a later time.
Andrew Kishore was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (cancer in both Adrenal Glands) on September 9 last year.
His treatment started at the Singapore General Hospital, where he underwent chemotherapy. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had assisted Andrew Kishore with Tk 10 lakh for his treatment.
After a nine-month battle, he finally returned to Bangladesh from Singapore on June 11, 2020. He was first taken to his residence in Dhaka’s Mirpur upon arrival, and was soon shifted to his birthplace Rajshahi.
Composed by renowned musician Alam Khan, the song Dak Diyachhen Doyal Amare (1982) put Andrew Kishore in the spotlight, as it gained massive popularity.
His lifelong dedication to music earned him many awards and accolades.
He is widely famous for evergreen songs, including Jiboner Golpo Achhe Baki Olpo, Haire Manush Rongin Phanush, Amar Shara Deho Kheyo Go Mati, Amar Buker Moddhe Khane and Amar Babar Mukhe Prothom Jedin Shunechhilam Gaan, among many others.
With his melodious and sonorous voice, he continued to mesmerise music lovers since the 1980s, and was once the highest-paid playback singer in the country.
Born and brought up in Rajshahi, he later came to Dhaka and established himself as a music icon.
The singer entered the film industry as a playback singer with the song Ek Chor Jaye Chole for the film Protikhkha, and went on to record thousands of songs as a playback singer.
Kishore won Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer eight times for the films Boro Bhalo Lok Chhilo (1982), Surrender (1987), Khotipuron (1989), Padma Meghna Jamuna (1991), Kabul (1996), Aaj Gaye Holud (2000), Saajghor (2007) and Ki Jadu Korila (2008).
Andrew Kishore always wished for the country’s prosperity and people’s welfare. He had great faith in the present generation of singers, whom he regarded as very creative and energetic.

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