Fragmented sleep ‘harms memory’

July 27, 2011

Broken sleep affects the ability to build memories, a study of mice suggests.
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science findings could help explain memory problems linked to conditions including Alzheimer’s and sleep apnoea.
The Stanford University found disrupting sleep made it harder for the animals to recognise familiar objects.
A UK sleep expert said Read more

Breastfed children are better behaved

July 24, 2011

Breast-fed babies grow into better behaved and more emotionally stable children than those that are bottle fed, a study has shown.
Five-year-olds who had been breast fed were almost a third less likely to suffer behavioural problems severe enough to disrupt family life.
Those reared on bottled milk formula tended to display more troublesome traits such as neediness, Read more

The health benefits of blood donation

July 14, 2011

From Bangkok Post
There is no substitute for human blood. Only blood from one person can save another. And did you know that donating blood not only benefits the recipient but may also improve the health of the donor? So if you donate blood on a regular basis, you’ll get more than just that great feeling of saving a life – you are also saving your own.
About 70% of your body’s iron is Read more

The basics of a healthy diet

July 10, 2011

Olive oil, cereals, pulses, oily fish, fruits, vegetables… what makes them so important in our diet?
Good health is the foundation of beauty, and a healthy diet is the foundation of good health. By watching our diet to ensure it includes certain foods, we can make sure that the foundation is as sound as possible, as well as preventing certain illnesses and slowing Read more

Diet Drinks Make You Fat

June 30, 2011

Regularly consuming diet fizzy drinks will only make you ­fatter, new research shows.
Although they have fewer calories, the drinks fail to stop you piling on the pounds – and could trigger your appetite so that you eat more.
The news is a blow to millions of Britons who believe such drinks help to keep them in trim. Scientists came to their conclusion after looking at two important studies.
One involving more than 500 participants found that those who guzzled diet soft drinks every day had Read more

Chocolate milk is best drink after exercise,claim scientists

June 30, 2011

Scientists have claimed that chocolate milk is the best recovery drink to have after exercise, as it helps build more muscles, boost performance and keep off the fat.
After an exhausting session on the treadmill, many athletes usually reach for an isotonic sports drink or good old-fashioned water, but two new studies from The University of Texas at Austin have shown that chocolate milk is the ideal post-workout recovery Read more

Diabetes ‘can be reversed through low calorie diet’

June 30, 2011

People with Type 2 diabetes could reverse their condition by following a very low calorie diet, according to new research.
The expert behind the study said the “remarkable” findings showed an eight-week diet could prompt the body to produce its own insulin.
The breakthrough suggests a dramatic drop in calories has a direct effect on reducing fat accumulated Read more

Wonder drug could kill all types of cancer

June 30, 2011

A breast cancer ‘wonder drug’ could be turned into a universal weapon against tumours, British scientists said.
They have discovered a way of making a family of breast cancer pills effective against other cancers.
The finding could lead to new drugs that shrink many – or even all – types of tumour, the Newcastle University Read more

Why Smokers Gain Weight When Quitting

June 11, 2011

Washington: Scientists say they’ve finally discovered why smokers tend to gain some weight when they kick the habit.
It turns out that nicotine can rev up brain cells that normally signal people to stop eating when they’re full, researchers report in Friday’s edition of the journal Science.
The weight connection isn’t Read more

Eat right for your age

June 10, 2011

Your body’s nutritional needs will change throughout life…
THE core principles of a healthy, balanced diet remain the same whether you’re 20  or 60. However as we grow older various physiological and psychological changes occur that have a direct effect on nutritional requirements. So how do you eat for your age?
Adolescence is a time when boys and girls can gain or lose significant amounts of weight, both of which Read more

New research discovers tangerines help obesity

May 3, 2011

A surprising new discovery will help fight obesity and heart problems. The University of Western Ontario has carried out research and discovered a substance in tangerines that helps obesity and gives protection against type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis.
Nobiletin is found in high concentrations in the tangerine fruit. The research was published on Science Daily. Read more

Cancer ‘fuelled by extra drinks’

April 9, 2011

Drinking more than a pint of beer a day can substantially increase the risk of some cancers, research suggests.
The Europe-wide study of 363,988 people reported in the British Medical Journal found one in 10 of all cancers in men and one in 33 in women were caused by past or current alcohol intake.
More than 18% of alcohol-related Read more

How sleep will make you lose weight

April 8, 2011

It’s a wonderful feeling when you wake up from a good night’s sleep refreshed and ready to face the day.
Now scientists have discovered yet another reason to start counting sheep and have an early night.
They found that people who regularly get six hours sleep or more were twice as likely to lose a stone than people who Read more

Alleviate Acidity By Eating Cucumber

March 19, 2011

Tokyo: Cucumber is a healthy and highly beneficial to your health in various purposes. Surplus stomach acid after having meals can cause stomach discomfort, heartburn, excess gas, nausea and bloating.
Most of the traditional pills, liquids and tablets for alleviating acidity will be distasteful to ingest and often may not work effectively. Luckily, eating cucumber will help you in alleviating Read more

DNA test to give bowel cancer alert

March 6, 2011

Scientists have discovered what could be the first step towards a DNA test to detect the early signs of bowel cancer.
Tests on two distinct genes were highly accurate in distinguishing between tumours and benign polyps — growths in the bowel that can become cancerous.
While not all polyps in the bowel become cancerous it is thought almost all bowel cancers develop from Read more

Breakthrough in the war on breast cancer

February 23, 2011

A major breakthrough in the hunt for a breast cancer cure has been made after scientists discovered how to stop the disease spreading.
They have identified the enzyme that promotes the spread – changing the tumour from a single, more treatable one, to a number of separate cancers threatening other organs.
If drugs can be created to block the enzyme, thousands of Read more

Music really is like a drug, researchers say

January 25, 2011

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal believe they’ve tied enjoyment of music to the body’s release of dopamine.
People who become euphoric over music unleash dopamine, a brain chemical that also induces the sense of reward that comes from food, psychoactive drugs and money, a new study says.
McGill University researchers in Montreal, Canada, Read more

Two-thirds of women suffer mental health problems

January 13, 2011

‘Generations of women are in crisis’ was the conclusion of a recent survey that found two-thirds of women suffer from mild to moderate mental health problems.
‘Millions of women are facing mental health problems and they are telling us that they are not getting the support they need’ says Penny Newman, chief executive of Platform 51, a welfare charity.
Low-self esteem, poor confidence levels and increased Read more

Eating orange is better than popping vitamin pills

January 3, 2011

Eating an orange is much better for one’s health than simply taking vitamin C pills.
Food scientists have identified why eating an orange is much better for you than simply popping vitamin C and other pills.
Its unique mix of antioxidants work much more effectively together than they do separately, found researchers at Brigham Young University in Read more

Tomato juice helps beat bone disease

November 27, 2010

Scientists say two glasses of tomato juice a day strengthens bones and can ward off osteoporosis.
The key ingredient is thought to be lycopene, the antioxidant already credited with cutting the risk of prostate cancer in men and protecting against heart disease, reports
Osteoporosis affects around three million people in Britain and Read more

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