Online sales of products gaining popularity

February 16, 2013

Online sales of products are gaining popularity in the country, said participants of a fair in the capital on Friday. The three-day fair began on the day where entrepreneurs who only use to sell their products through online are taking part.
Constant Solutions, an IT and marketing organisation, organised the fair titled ‘Trend to Wear’ with a view to introducing and promoting the products to the consumers.
As many as 20 entrepreneurs are taking part in the fair, Constant Solutions managing director Kazi Mamun told New Age.
All the entrepreneurs use various online tools like Facebook pages and e-commerce or classified
advertisements websites to sell their products, he said.
A participant, Nabila Mirza Maya, who is also a student of North South University, said, ‘As a student it’s not possible for me to have shop in a market and give extra time there; that’s why I use online to advertise and sell my products.’
‘The response from online customers was good during the last Eid festivals and it’s not bad during the other season as well,’ she said.
‘Customers use to visit my site to buy products; but, I am participating in the fair to reach more potential buyers with my products,’ she added.
Some entrepreneurs who use online for marketing are doing well compared with some existing new brands; but acceptance of their identity is an obstacle in their progress, said Constant Solutions chief executive officer Mushfiq Anam.
The fair might give them an opportunity to introduce them with the customers, he added.
‘Delivering products and receiving cash from the customers is an obstacle; that’s why we are going to sign a contract with a ‘Cash on Delivery Service’ organisation (which receives cash and deliver products to the customers),’ Aumit Islam, a participant, told New Age.
Tanzila Amzad, a visitor of the fair, said, ‘I live in Khulna. That’s why it’s not possible for me to collect latest designs of dresses in the capital. So I browse products online and can order some.’

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