Marico unveils new hair care product

June 30, 2010

Marico Bangladesh Ltd (MBL) has unveiled a new hair care product for the Bangladeshi beauty conscious women recently in Dhaka.
MBL, a subsidiary of the Indian leading skin and hair care conglomerate, started operation in Bangladesh in 2002, acquiring Arometic and Camelia branded shop.
Soumendra Sankar Das, the company’s head of marketing, unveiled the product at a ceremony at the Winter Garden of Dhaka Sheraton Hotel on Monday.
The newly unwrapped product ‘Hair and Care’ is the lone hair oil that allows the consumers to manage both nutrition and style with 50 percent less non-stick than the conventional hair oil. As a result, hair always remains bouncy, free flowing and naturally stylish.
“Initially we will import the product from India for Bangladesh market and we are expecting to produce the product locally within six months,” said Das.
The product is mainly designed to cater to the needs of the school, college and university going girls besides working women.
“The main feature of the product is that it will not only beautify the hair of the beauty-conscious women but it will also change their lifestyle, as its unique formulation will give hair a 50 percent less stickiness than any other conventional hair oil,’ points out Farzana Shakil, one of the country’s leading beauty experts.
Das said his company will take up a ‘360 degree campaign’ to make customers aware of the product.
‘360 degree campaign’ means usage of all modes of communication channels, such as print and electronic media, billboards, banners and social networking groups, and ‘point of sales’ display in a bid to activate the customer needs.
“Consumer centric attitude will be the core of the branding strategy,” said the marketing boss.
According to the MBL website, it holds a leading position in the fast moving consumer goods market in Bangladesh. Products of the company, including coconut oil, hair care and skin care products, reach more than 4.5 lakh outlets in Bangladesh.

Via: The Daily Star

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