Eskayef gets Australian certification

August 31, 2010

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia accredited Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd, a leading local pharmaceutical, for its new world-class facility at Tongi.
Eskayef is the only company in Bangladesh that achieved both the UK MHRA and TGA, Australia.
“It is one of the toughest registration processes for pharmaceuticals in the world, which allows products to be marketed and distributed in Australia. It also opens up an opportunity for us to enter the New Zealand market,” said AM Faruque, managing director of the company.
“This is not only another milestone for the company but also an opportunity to export our products to developed countries. Now we will be able to contribute more to our country’s economy by earning foreign currencies in the coming days,” he said.
Eskayef signed a technology transfer agreement with Novo Nordisk last year. It is set to manufacture insulin soon.
“Being the successor of Smith Kline and French, USA, we have been maintaining the standard operating procedures of a multinational company from inception. And the TGA accreditation proved that we are producing high-quality pharmaceutical products of European standards,” added Faruque.
Eskayef has started groundwork to win the US FDA certification, he said.
Eskayef, which has been growing at 30 percent a year, is one of the top four fastest growing companies in Bangladesh.
The annual turnover of the company stood at Tk 400 crore in 2009, and the company exports products to around 20 countries.
“We aim to become a global player and hold our country’s flag up high in the coming days,” said Faruque.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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