DSE to introduce smartphone-based share trading system by June

February 28, 2015

The Dhaka Stock Exchange has planned to launch a smartphone-based share transaction system by June this year with a view to making share trading more convenient for investors, DSE officials said. The DSE management earlier had said that the bourse would launch a mobile-based trading system within April this year. The DSE on December 11 last year launched a new trading system at the bourse replacing its 16-year old trading system that was lot-based.
In March 2014, the DSE signed two separate deals with two US vendors for upgradation of its matching engine and order management system.
The deal on the order management system also covers mobile-based share trading facility.
NASDAQ OMX, an American multinational financial services corporation, provided the matching engine for the bourse’s trading system upgradation, while, FlexTrade, a US-based multinational company, developed the ungraded order management system of the bourse.
‘In line with the bourse’s trading system upgradation process, it is also working for the development of a smartphone-based trading system that will allow investors to place orders in real-time,’ a DSE official told New Age on Thursday.
‘We are hopeful that the bourse would be able to launch the complete mobile version of trading within June this year,’ he said.
Although, within this period the DSE might launch a trial mobile version with less features, the official said.
The trial mobile version of the DSE’s order management system will not allow investors to place orders through smartphones, the official said.
Another DSE official said that the bourse might require another approval from the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission before the launch of a mobile-based trading system as the existing rules do not allow execution of share transaction without the involvement of authorised traders.
The country’s another bourse, Chittagong Stock Exchange, has already launched internet-based and mobile-based trading systems at the bourse.
The CSE introduced the internet trading system in 2004 which was later upgraded with the introduction of the next generation trading system in 2011.

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