Chicken, mutton prices shoot up in city

December 27, 2014

The prices of chicken and mutton shot up in the city’s kitchen markets over the week ending Friday as their demand increased due to rise in social and year-end recreational programmes, traders said. The price of broiler increased sharply to Tk 145-155 a kg on Friday while it was retailed at Tk 115-Tk 120 a kg a week ago. Cocks and hens, depending on their size, were selling at Tk 200-350 at the kitchen markets compared with Tk 170-Tk 300 last week, the traders said.
Mizanur Rahman, a trader at Hatirpool kitchen market, told New Age that the demand for broiler had increased sharply over the week due to rise in the number of weddings and year-end winter tours. ‘That’s why the price of chicken and mutton rose sharply,’ he said.
Another trader at Zhigatola kitchen market, Md Sabuj, said the increased demand for chicken and mutton might prolong for next couple of weeks until the end of winter.
‘Due to the facts, the price of mutton also shot up to around Tk 500-Tk 550 a kg while the commodity was traded at Tk 460-Tk 480 a week ago,’ he said.
But the price of beef remained unchanged at Tk 300 a kg at the kitchen markets over the week.
The prices of bottled soya bean oil declined to Tk 495-Tk 505 a five-litre container in the city’s kitchen markets, Tk 5 lower than the prices in the previous week.
Prices of super palm oil remained unchanged at Tk 72-75 a litre over the week.
Low-quality palm oil which was traded at Tk 68­­­-Tk70 last week was not found in the city kitchen markets due to cold weather.
The price of egg declined a bit by Tk 2 a hali (four pieces) and the item was selling at Tk 30 a hali in the city.
The prices of winter vegetables declined over the week. Cauliflower and cabbage weighing around 1kg to 1.5kg was retailing at Tk 15 a piece and Tk 22 a piece respectively on Friday.
Radish was selling at Tk 15 a kg on the day.
Aubergine was selling at Tk 20-Tk 45 a kg, tomato at Tk 20-40 a kg, cucumber at Tk 20-25 a kg, papaya at Tk 16-Tk 20 a kg and bitter gourd at Tk 20-40 a kg on the day, depending on size and quality.
The price of green chilli declined by Tk 20-Tk 30 a kg and the item was selling at Tk 40-Tk 60 a kg over the week.
Besides, prices of newly-harvested potatoes declined to Tk 24-Tk 25 a
kg in the city’s kitchen markets, while the cold-stored potato were trading at Tk 20 a kg.
The prices of fish remained unchanged throughout the week as rohita was selling at Tk 200-Tk 250 a kg, katla at Tk 200-Tk 300 a kg, pangas at Tk 120-Tk 150 a kg and tilapia at Tk 110-Tk 140 a kg.
Prices of ginger declined sharply and the commodity was retailing at Tk 80-Tk 100.
The fine variety of red lentil was selling at Tk 120 a kg on Friday while its local variety was selling at Tk 115 a kg.
Garlic price remained high. The imported garlic was selling at Tk 90-Tk 100 a kg while the local one was selling at Tk 100 a kg on Friday.
The price of onion remained unchanged and the item was selling at Tk 30-Tk 40 a kg while the imported one was retailing at Tk 38-Tk 40 a kg on the day.
The prices rice remained unchanged over the week.
The coarse varieties of rice were retailing at Tk 30-Tk 35 a kg over the week.
The fine varieties of miniket rice were selling at Tk 48-Tk 50 a kg while its coarse varieties were retailing at Tk 44-Tk 46 a kg.
The fine varieties of BR-28 rice were selling at Tk 42-Tk 46 a kg and the coarse varieties of parija was selling at Tk 38-Tk 41 a kg.
The fine varieties of najirshail were selling at Tk 55-Tk 57 a kg and the coarse varieties were retailing at Tk 44-Tk 48
a kg.

-With New Age input

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