BTRC tightens SIM registration procedure

September 30, 2012

Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission has issued detail procedure for selling of mobile connections by the retailers after October 12 when the mobile operators will not be allowed to sell pre-activated connections.
The BTRC in a notice on Thursday asked the mobile operators to complete all of their procedure by October 12 to go by the new system.
As per the new system, any mobile connection will be activated after any subscriber purchases a SIM and RUIM by submitting documents like copy of national identity card and photograph to the retailer and the retailer and the mobile company complete all documentation.
As per the BTRC procedure, the intended subscriber will personally provide the copy of NID, photograph and specimen signature to the retailer.
After retailer provides, the subscriber acquisition form, the subscriber will personally fill up the form and a representative of the mobile company concerned will collect the soft-copy of the form from the retailer.
The mobile company, after making proper documentation, will then ask the subscriber to send through his or her inactive connection the NID number.
The connection will be activated if all data match with each other, said the BTRC directive.
BTRC earlier on September 14, asked the mobile companies to withdraw all pre-activated SIM and RUIM from the market by October 12.
The commission also warned the operators that they would be fined $50 for every unregistered or reactivated SIM and RUIM.
The BTRC in its directive on Thursday said all mobile telephone operators are advised to communicate through television commercial or newspaper advertisement with the mass people regarding the upcoming change to help the user.
It said the commission gave the new directive to stop criminal behaviors that evolved globally with the introduction of mobile telephony service to mass people.
BTRC said that the law enforcement agency of Bangladesh is facing difficulties to combat with the mobile handset theft, teasing calls, black-mailing and mugging and it appears that criminal miscreants are taking the advantage of availability of the fraud registration of mobile telephone connection (RUIM/SIM) in open market.

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