BTRC drafts new directive for mobile handset import

April 30, 2014

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has drafted a new directive for import of mobile phone handsets through type-based approval process instead of existing shipment-based process. BTRC officials said the move came to ensure the quality of the mobile phone handsets for new technologies such as 3G and 4G which the government permittedlast September.
Under the new system, the BTRC will approve a type of handset with some specific technical parameters and service quality assurance and notify customs and also publish the detailed information in the website.
After a certain type of handsets got approval, then all eligible importers can import the handset by showing the type approval number, said the officials.
The draft directive, Type Approval Directives on Importer of Mobile Station, said that all handsets must contain Bangla keypad and be capable to read, write, store and forward the Bangla contents including SMS and Emails.
It said the importer must ensure that all handsets carry a hologram sticker confirming the authenticity and genuineness of the product and the IMEI / ESN / MEID number and typed approval number must be printed or labeled clearly inside the mobile and on its box.
The technical parameters set by the BTRC are humidity, receiver sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, operating temperature, output power, input/charger power, input jack, and minimum standard for voice codec.
The importers will have to submit a number of documents to obtain type approval including manufacturers’ certificate, copy of the agreement between manufacturers and importers, sample mobile set with three copies of coloured photograph (front, back & inside), one copy of circuit schematic and functional block diagrams, quality assurance certificate and battery test report, and copy of type approval certificate from the country of origin.
The importers will also have to submit the documents from International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection to ensure the specific absorption rate standard.
The BTRC will take 14 working days for necessary checks and will issue the type approval certificate to the importer for one year initially.
The draft directive said importer must ensure that the service centers or after sales services are adequate and meets the standards set by BTRC as well as international best practices.
Importers have to submit the service center rollout plan before the type approval of the product and receive quality certification for individual service centers after inspection by the BTRC.
The BTRC on Tuesday published the draft in its website and sought public opinion by May 31.

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