Big crowd in last-minute Eid shopping

July 28, 2014

Eid shoppers of all ages thronged different shopping spots in the capital to buy necessary items at the eleventh hour of shopping. From morning till late night, there was huge rush of customers across the main shopping areas of Pathapath, Dhanmondi, Banani, Gulshan, Mirpur and Uttara to buy dresses, shoes, cosmetics and kitchen market items. Lower and middle income groups crowded the hawker markets and makeshift shops to buy items at reasonable prices.
Caps, prayer mats, tasbih, surma and attar were being sold at the eleventh hour.
Tailoring shops were equally crowded with people taking delivery of ordered dresses.
Mahi, a university student, went to the capital’s Banani Super Market to collect the dress from a tailoring shop.
She came with her family members to buy shoes and furniture. Every year they go out for Eid shopping in the last week of Ramadan.
In front of Fortune Shopping Mall and Mouchak Market in the city’s Moghbazar area, there were huge rush of shoppers on Saturday night.
Those who could not go for marketing due to heavy crowd or traffic jam or work pressure at day time rushed to the markets at night.
Adnan, a resident of the city’s Modhubagh area visited Bailey
Road and Polwel Market to buy shoes for him and other members of the family.
A shopkeeper said people with their family members were coming for shopping even at mid-night due to improved law and order situation.
This year, the traders did more or less satisfactory business as there was no political unrest in the country.
Shafiq, a salesman at Basundhara City Shopping Complex said, ‘We are doing a good business this year as people seem to be relieved of sense of insecurity… we have not faced any law and order situation this Ramadan’.

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