Anup Kumar Saha joined Nabil Group as Group COO

September 24, 2021

Anup Kumar Saha has joined Nabil Group, an agro-processing industry in Bangladesh, as Group COO.
Nabil Group is engaged in the business of processing agricultural and food products including two international standard rice mills, 2 flour mills, 2 feed mills, pulse processing mills, poultry farms, cattle farms, dairy farms, fruits and vegetables cold storage, real estate, international commodity trading etc.
Anup Kumar Saha holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Finance from the Faculty of Business, Dhaka University. He later did an MBA in Marketing. He also received a USAID Scholarship and completed MBA in Agribusiness.
Mr Saha completed the Flour Milling course from the International School of Milling Technology (Mysore). He also received training in Total Quality Management (TQM) from AOTS in Japan and Global Food Commodity Trade from CIGI (Canadian International Grain Institute) in Canada.
Prior to joining Nabil Group, he was the Deputy Executive Director of ACI Consumer Brands. This successful marketer was the architect of many successful ACI businesses and brands over a long period of fifteen years. Prior to joining ACI, he was the General Manager of Ejab Group for seven years.-Press release

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