Warfaze: pioneer in Bangla metal Band

June 29, 2010

The band Warfaze has won the hearts of music enthusiasts with soaring voice and progressive metal songs featuring the inner mind, nature and politics since the early 1990s.
Though the band was formed 1984, its first album launched seven years later. After launching their self titled album Warfaze, the band launched five more albums including Obak bhalobasha, Jibondhara, Oshamajik, Alo, Moharaj and Path chola in a quick succession. All of these albums have proved to be successes.
Warfaze performed in various live concerts at home and abroad and in television channels and radios. Encored by the audience at the concerts, the band frequently presents its popular numbers including Ekti chhele, Boshe achhi eka, Koishor, Jibondhara, Bewarish, Bewarish, Mukti chai, Cheye dekho, Dhushore manchitra, Maharaaj and Ar kotokal others.
The trend setter in the music arena in Bangladesh, Warfaze in its journey in the past 25 years has struggled a lot to establish a new trend in contemporary Bangla music, thanks to the dedication of the talented band members.
‘Despite, lots of critics at out initial stage, we have kept attachment with our promises and passion for metal songs, proving ourselves in our own style,’ band leader Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu told New Age.
Without having any academic training young band members including Kamal, Mir, Helal, Naimul, Bappy, Tipu and Russel were used to practising popular English tracks’, on performing Bangla metal songs, Tipu said, ‘The then Bangladesh Band Music Association president Maksud insisted on our performing metals and rocks in Bangla.’
We got enormous response from the audience, who had no experience of listening metal genre in Bangla before,’ Tipu recalled the glorious memory of their first presentation of Bangla metals on stage at Dhaka University in 1990.
The response of the audience prompted them to go for recording of their first album, the band members said.
However, the band faced problems when two important members Kamal and Russel left to study abroad after the release of their first album in 1991. Nonetheless, Warfaze overcame their crisis, proving to be a professional band.
At times, the band would go as far as compromising their music style in order to please the audience. ‘When we realised that a section of listeners did not accept our music style, we modified our style in the third album Jibondhara which was mixed with rock and a few progressive music based songs,’ said Tipu.
After releasing the third album, the band once again made a major change in its line up, since Babna and Sunjoy left the band. However, the band was able to manage the situation and also continued playing with their unique style of music.
Explaining their reasons of success, the band member said that the balanced performances and the mutual understanding among the members of Warfaze are the main reasons.
The present line up of the Warfaze, Kamol and Oni at lead guitars, Shams on Key Board and as back up vocal, Mizan as vocal, Rojar on base guitar and Tipu on drums, percussions and guitar.
At present, Warfaze is working on their two new albums, which are expected to come out soon.

Via: NewAge

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