Valentine’s Day always special

February 14, 2013

Lucky Enam, Enamul Huq say
Valentine’s Day always specialEven after 40 years of the their marriage, celebrity couple Lucky Enam and Enamul Huq celebrate Valentine’s Day with special arrangement. Nature of celebrations is completely different from their early marriage days but charm is still the same. They celebrate the day with children and grand children these days. Family friends also get invitation in the Valentine’s celebrations.
‘We celebrate Valentine’s day with our friends and family to express our love for them. It is an occasion to be rejoiced with all,’ sharing their nature of celebration Luycky Enam told New Age.
Supplementing her, Huq said, ‘It’s a family get kind of together. Our two daughters their husbands and three grand-children come to our residence and celebrate the day all together.’
‘I greet all the people specially the young generation on this Valentine’s Day,’ Huq said adding,’ ‘Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that one shows his/her love for the beloved, rather it is a day when one should express love for everybody.’
‘Many people do not like to celebrate Valentine’ Day in country. But, I believe the day special, which teaches people to express love in the hectic and busy life,’ Lucky Enam said.
Truly the couple believes that trust and love are the most things for strengthening any relation.
However, they are not only life partners but also co-actors. ‘We have been performing together on stage since 72 and have worked together in many theatres and teleplays. Enamul Haque is a great actor who can create spell on audience. Above all he is a good soul,’ Lucky Enam said. ‘Still there is a negative side of him; he believes everyone and often gets hurt’ she added.
Haque also said that Lucky Enam is a serious type of woman. ‘She is sometimes misjudged for her seriousness by people who do not know her well,’ Huq said.
Enamul Haque also praises Lucky Enam as an actress, especially her caliber of delivering dialogues spontaneously and flawless pronunciation.

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