Tanvir Mokammel to make docu film on Dhaleshwari River

August 26, 2014

Tanvir Mokammel to make docu film on Dhaleshwari RiverNoted filmmaker Tanvir Mokammel is set to make a documentary film on
the Dhaleshwari River.
The film titled Dhaleshwari-er Kotha will not only focus on the river but also on the lives of people living on the banks of Dhaleshwari. The film aims to show that Dhaleshwari River is still in good condition comparing to other rivers like Buriganga, Turag, Sitalakkha, and others. However, the highlight of the documentary would be the aggression of land grabbers who currently endanger the river to a great extent. The documentary will attempt to find out possible ways of saving the river from such evils.
‘I want to initiate a social movement for saving the river by urging the fishermen, boatmen and farmers of the adjacent areas and also the local people of Munshiganj and Manikganj, the districts that are situated on the bank of Dhaleshwari. The documentary is a part of that movement,’ told the director to New Age.
Tanvir Mokammel has already made two other documentaries on the rivers Jamuna and Karnaphuli, titled A tale of Jamuna and Tear Drops of Karnaphuli respectively.
Born in 1955, Tanvir Mokammel has made six full-length feature films and a combined total of 14 documentaries and short films. Some of his films have received national and international awards. Besides filmmaking, Mokammel is also a prolific writer. He has written articles on cinema and cultural issues in newspapers along with poems and short stories. Tanvir Mokammel’s important books are A Brief History of World Cinema, The Art of Cinema, Charlie Chaplin: Conquests by a Tramp, Syed Waliullah, Sisyphus and Quest of Tradition in Novel (a literary criticism), Grundtvig and Folk Education, a book on the alternative educational ideas, and translation of Maxim Gorky’s play The Lower Depth. Mokammel is presently the director of Bangladesh Film Institute (BFI).

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