Razzle-dazzle of Bangladeshi dance at the SA Game

January 29, 2010

In conversation with Nipa and Munmun
Renowned classical dancers Shamim Ara Nipa, Shibli Muhammad and Munmun Ahmed will be performing this year at the inaugural (today) and closing programmes of SA Games. The Daily Star talked to Nipa and Munmun about their choreography and the upcoming programmes at the game.
Shamim Ara Nipa: About 300 dancers will be participating in two 30-minute dances, at the opening and closing programmes. It’s a remarkable experience for us, as we are performing for the first time at this prestigious event.
We will represent Bangladesh at the opening session. The focal point will be the Liberation War. Nature is an integral part of our lives and dance is a reflection of it, so the composition will also highlight nature. There will be the much-popular “Peacock Dance” as well. There will be a segment on our rural life too.
At the closing performance, we will be dancing to the Rabindra Sangeet “Momo Chittey”, and then there will be a Kathak piece called “Tara”. The third segment is called “Angel” and at the end, there will be a dance to the lively song “Kolo Kolo Chholo Chholo” that will depict a traditional boat race.
This would be an interesting experience as it combines projection with live performance; it would seem like the dancers are in water. And then we come on stage. The technical support will be provided by a Singaporean company. Choreography and concept are by Shibli and me.
Munmun Ahmed: SA Games would be seeing a total of 900 dancers performing my choreography, and we are really excited about it! We will be doing a dance drama based on the Ila Mitra-led movement, ‘Tebhaga Andolan’. During the movement, the rebellious leader Mitra was captured by the authorities and tortured inhumanly. The script is by Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond. Music direction is by Shujeo Shyam and Alauddin Ali. Dance direction and choreography are by me.
Out of the 900 participants, 600 are Santals from Nachol, and 300 from different schools and colleges. It’s a 21-minute performance. In my opinion it is for the first time that such a large group is performing in our country. We put a lot of hard work behind it. I went to Nachol for 15 days, and came back on the 25th of this month. Our final rehearsal will be today. I hope it will be a great success.

Courtesy of The Daily Star

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