Peers mourn death of Farida Yasmin

August 10, 2015

Peers mourn death of Farida YasminSingers and musicians have mourned the passing of Farida Yasmin who died on Saturday at the age of 75.
Prominent singer Ferdausi Rahman, whose collaboration with Farida goes back decades, said, ‘Farida was a year junior to me in college but we were contemporary in our music careers. Anjumand Ara, Farida and I were the top playback singers in the early 1960s.’
‘We also performed together in many stage shows in different districts. She was a diverse singer but could not continue her career for long, choosing to concentrate more on her family life. Later, she tried to make a comeback but somehow that didn’t happen.
‘As it happens, she was no less talented than her two famous sisters [Nilufar Yasmin and Sabina Yasmin],’ she added.
In her short career spanning only several years, Farida Yasmin was famous for lending voice in some of the popular songs of the time, including Phuler Hawa Laglo and Tumi Jibone Marone Amay Apan Korechho.
Singer Khurshid Alam, who remained close to the singer till her death, said, ‘Despite her brief career, Farida Yasmin has left a profound impact on the minds of her listeners by presenting some unique songs.’
Farida Yasmin started her music career in 1958 as an enlisted artiste of the state-owned radio station. Subsequently, she established herself as a playback singer. Her husband, Anwar Hossain, is a popular writer while her two sisters, Sabina Yasmin and Nilufar Yasmin, are prominent names in the industry of Bangla music.
She was buried at the Banani graveyard on Sunday evening.

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