Ode to the oxygen-givers

November 5, 2008

Slideshow by Noazesh Ahmed at Chhayanat

Cultural Correspondent

Photographs by Noazesh Ahmed

Noazesh Ahmed is a name that hardly needs any introduction. He is an internationally reputed plant geneticist and notable photographer. Ahmed started as a photographer in the ’50s. He is a plant geneticist by profession and has made immense contribution to the agriculture sector of the country.

“Mahabanashpatir Padabali,” a photographic slideshow on plant life in Bangladesh by Noazesh Ahmed was held on November 1 at Rameshchandra Dutta Smirti Milankendra, Chhayanat Sanskriti Bhaban. The slideshow was enriched with quotations from Rabindranath Tagore and Jagadish Chandra Bose recited by Bhaswar Bandyopadhyay and music of Beethoven and Ravi Shankar.

Plants are primitive assets of the earth. Trees are our best friends. But they constantly suffer destruction at the hands of humans. Plants provide us with food, shade, lumber and much more. Life itself depends on oxygen generated by plants.

In the slideshow, Ahmed revealed his passion for nature and his aesthetic sense. Plants of different species are available in our country but unfortunately extensive research has been rarely done in this field. The slides featured vibrant colour images of plants and the relationship between humans and nature.


Courtesy: The Daily Star (thedailystar.net


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