Nrityanchal artistes entertain hundreds

April 30, 2014

Nrityanchal artistes entertain hundredsGraceful, refined movement and postures, synchronisation with music and coordination of the dancers left the audience fascinated at the National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, on Monday evening. The International Dance Day was vividly celebrated with chorus recitals featuring folk, classical, modern, fusion and other styles of dances.
The show was organised by popular dance organisation Nrityanchal, headed by Shamim Ara Nipa and Shibley Muhammed to celebrate the International Dance Day that fell on Tuesday.
The presentation of bharatnatyam with ‘raga saberi in ek taal’ was one of the most noteworthy performances of the evening. A troupe of nine dancers-three males and six females, gripped the audience with their fast movements and graceful twirls. Their synchronised tapping on the stage created a rhythm that received loud applauses from the audience. The dancers covered the entire stage with beautiful Bharatnatyam moves that seemed to flow effortlessly.
The audiences also enjoyed a pleasing session of folk dance that consisted of a quite a few remarkable recitals of that genre. However, the most praiseworthy folk rendition was a group dance to the popular song Chand Utechhe Oi Phul Phutechhe Oi by a group of talented child artistes. About 40 young dancers clad in colourful attire and glittering ornaments enhanced the overall visual appeal of the performance. The simple and beautiful steps of folk dancing created a charm before the audience as the dancers formed circles holding hands, replicating flowers of an enormous garland.
Full-hall audiences enjoyed the show, which received viewers’ appreciation. Noted dancers Shamim Ara Nipa and Shibley Muhammad, who are also directors of Nrityanchal, hosted the programme.
‘The show was praiseworthy but it was unfortunate that Shibley Muhammad and Shamim Ara Nipa did not dance,’ said Ariful Haque, a school teacher from Sutrapur, to New Age.
Lovely Akhter, a college student, observed that such vibrant shows are refreshing for the mind.

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