Mother, son explore nature through art

May 31, 2013

Mother, son explore nature through artThe mother and son artist-duo have adored nature in their artworks using different mediums—the mother Ferdousy Priyabhashini upholds nature through sculptures and installations while her son Karu Titas depicts nature in abstract and semi-abstract paintings.
Priyabhashini has dealt with nature through the use of branches, trunks and roots of dead trees; bamboo; soil and even living plants in her 93 installations and sculptures. Karu on the other hand, loves to play with colours and hence created 30 paintings depicting mother nature with bold strokes of acrylic colour on canvas.
A total of 123 artworks are on display at the 10-day duet exhibition titled Roudro Chhaya or Light and Shadow at Bengal Shilpalaya at Dhanmondi.
Trunks have been used in many of her artworks such as the installation titled Tribute to Nature, which is a wood-cut sculpture with a small living plant.
The sculptor has emphasised a mother’s unending care for her child in her wood-cut artwork titled Mother, using a trunk from a dead tree.  The artist has carved and molded the trunk in a way that it illustrates blur shapes of a mother embracing her child.
A piece of a tree branch got blackened through smoldering that became a crane standing on one foot while waiting for a fish to come within hunting range in Priyabhashini’s artwork titled Quest.
The vibrant greenness of nature has been recreated by Titas in his painting Nature 9, which is an acrylic on canvas. Titas has used numerous shades of green in that painting, which might look meaningless in a first glance. However, with careful contemplation, the abstract painting appears as a wide horizon in the eyes of the spectators.
Titas’ another painting titled Nature 10 depicts few boats anchored on the shore of a sea. The vast waterbed of the dark blue ocean creates a sense of loneliness in the heart of a viewers.
Still Life-10, another acrylic painting depicts an old door having several scars and cracks revealing the decay of time.
Inaugurated on May 24, the exhibition will remain open for everyone from 12:00pm to 8:00pm till 4th June.

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