Masud Pathik to make more films on poems

July 2, 2015

Masud Pathik to make more films on poemsAfter winning critical acclaim for Nekabbarer Mohaproyan, a film based on a same-titled poem by Niramlendu Goon, director Masud Pathik is now working on two more films inspired by works of art.
The films are respectively Maya (The Lost Mother), which draws its inspiration from Kamal Chowdhury’s poem Juddha Shishu (War Child) and artist Shahabuddin Ahmed’s painting Woman, and The Poetree (Kobigachh), based on two poems by Nirmalendu Goon and Nirendranath Chakraborty.
Masud, himself a poet, has already received a grant from the government for his second film Maya which will feature the story of a war child and her mother.
‘Maya is about a war child’s search for her lost mother,’ said the director, who is now in the process of selecting actors and will begin shooting in next November.
Talks are under way to cast Indian actress Swastika Mukherjee in a lead role in the film with a planned cameo appearance by the artist Shahabuddin Ahmed, Masud said.
The second film, The Poetree (Kobigachh), is a dream project of the filmmaker. Inspired by Nirmalendu Goon and Nirendranath Chakraborty’s popular poems Manush and Amalkanti respectively, the film will feature the lives of the two poets.
‘However, the central focus is not on any particular poet, rather poets in general whose lives are as eventful and full of dreams and struggles as any. Poets are inspired by the events in their life to produce works of art, he said.
The director also said around 30 poets will be featured in the film, which will start shooting very soon.

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