Love is in the air

February 14, 2013

Love is in the airThe beauty love has been highlighted in the ongoing group painting exhibition titled Love is in the Air at the Athena Gallery in Badda.
Thirteen couple artists of the country have depicted the beauty of love in the displayed 93 artworks done in various mediums including watercolour, oil, acrylic, wood, metal and mixed media in the exhibition organised by Athena Gallery celebrating the Valentine’s Day.
The participating artists have articulated the beauty and power of love through different compositions including portrayal of human faces, depiction of nature, abstractions and others.
Acclaimed artist Dhali Al Mamoon has expressed the beauty of love through three blurred images of coaxing scene in his oil painting titled A Painting About the Kamasutra. Each of the three parts of the painting artistically features different natures of lovemaking in various part of the world. Dhali’s life partner Dilara Begum Jolly’s untitled ink on paper untitled painting creates an enigma for the viewers as sometimes it looks like the image of a lip while sometimes a bird.
The beauty of love has been symbolically presented artist Khalid Mahmud Mithu through image of a flock of flying white butterflies on a sky-blue background of his acrylic canvas titled Music Dream. A blue violin portrayed at the bottom of the painting gives it an essence of rhythm.
However, Mithu’s better half Kanak Chanpa Chakma, whose common theme is to present ethnic culture, has presented the Buddha Purnima celebrations in her acrylic painting titled Worship.
Seasoned artist Qayyum Chowdhury has explored the beauty of motherly love when his wife Tahera Khanum in her untitled painting reveals the love for nature with blue and green shades.
Artist Biswajit Goswami’s untitled painting however does not address love or affair in explicit manner, rather the artist has symbolically presented the adverse impact of the materialistic society, which has made people emotionless and confused.
His wife Tania Sultana has presented the nature of jealousy through distorted forms of human faces in her painting titled Jealousy.
The universal bond between two fiends has been presented through portrayal of two women images mingling on a colouful background in Tandra Das’s painting titled Sound and Songs of Nature. Her husband Ranjit Das has also dealt with same theme. But, his painting features three girls along with two pigeons.
Rukhsana Saida Akhter Poppy has portrayed a couple in colourful attires walking through a dark forest in her acrylic painting titled Sound of Moment when her husband Mohammad Muniruzzaman’s painting Winter Morning depicts a unique moment of a winter morning.
Artist couple Rajaul Islam Lovelu and Shahin A Lopa’s paintings respectively features a woman playing with a bird and some ancient building.
The exhibition will remain open from 10:00am to 8:00pm till February 26.

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