In search of purpose of life

June 30, 2014

In search of purpose of lifeIt is said that a person without aim is like a boat without radar. A film titled Aim in Life deals with the dilemma of a young man in the modern era, trying to determine his purpose of life.
The Bangla film, which has been directed by National Award winner filmmaker Fakhrul Arefin Khan, portrays a young boy who is confused about what to do with his life. In his adolescence, he takes on his uncle as his idol; however, as he grows up, he becomes religious minded and starts believing in changing the society according to religious dogma. Later on, when he starts going to college, he finds interest in leftist politics. However, in the end, he discovers his true purpose of life when he comes across bauls and decides to join them. However, it takes great challenge in his socio-economic context to take on the lifestyle of the devoted bards, who renounce the pursuit of material things.
The film casts a number of new faces including Shobhon, Nishat, Mritunjoy, Shubhashish Bhoumik, Khokhon Sirajul Islam, Tipu Haque and Sristi on different characters.
Fakhrul Arefin Khan informed New Age that he is planning to release the film in October this year.
Khan began his film career with making of Al Bad’r, a documentary on the war crimes in 1971. He also created a documentary film titled The Speech on untold stories of 1971. As a devotee of Fakir Lalon Shai, Khan has also made a documentary titled Haq er Ghar featuring the struggle and movement of Lalon’s devotees against the fundamentalists and socio-political leaders, who have been depicted as the usurpers of the holy land of the legendary bard.

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