Group exhibition features women artists

May 31, 2012

Women artists of the country have exhibited their spirit of womanhood, enlightenment, enthusiasm and creativity through an ongoing group exhibition at Bay’s Galleria, Radius Centre in Gulshan.
Thirteen celebrated artists like Farida Zaman, Naima Haque, Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Nasreen Begum, Bipasha Hayat and are displaying 23 artworks at the exhibition titled ‘Illuminating Spirit of Colours,’ shows an array of beautiful compositions mostly done with acrylic on different types of surfaces.
Naima Haque’s painting ‘Withdraw-1’ and ‘Withdraw-2’ catch the attention of the viewers for an evocative presentation of the melancholy in colour and monochrome, respectively. The agony of women, from their suppression in a male dominated society, has been articulated pleasantly in the works.
In her work ‘Memories,’ veteran artist Farida Zaman perhaps recalled the days of romance, which is beautifully transported into the canvas that presents a romantic couple in the midst of nature and surrounded by flamingos. Dominated by red, the canvas demonstrates the spirit of love.
Kanak Chanpa Chakma has again expressed her fondness for indigenous people and for serene and stunning natural beauty of the hill tracks area. Portraits of a Khumi (an ethnic minority) girl have been depicted in her paintings with subtle aesthetics.
Some of the artists have also expressed different aspects of feminism with abstraction. A work by Bipasha Hayat titled ‘The Wounds,’ with delicate brush strokes and expert use of different shades of colours, portrays the unseen pains in women’s hearts.
SHAKO, an association of the women artists of Bangladesh, organised the art exhibition, which was inaugurated by Danish ambassador Svend Ollingz on May 4. The month long exhibition will end on June 4.

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