Fifth Jatra Festival begins at BSA

May 29, 2014

Fifth Jatra Festival begins at BSAFifth Jatra Festival has begun at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. The two-day festival will judge t participating jatra troupes
from across the country, for registration.
Organised by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy as a part of Jatra Development Policy 2012, the festival is the fifth edition of an attempt to register
eligible jatra troupes countrywide.Theatre and Film department of BSA, under the aegis of cultural affairs ministry, took the initiative to promote jatra in 2012. As per the initiative, a good number of jatra troupes from across the country have already got registration through qualifying process.
In the fifth edition of the festival, 12 jatra troupes are staging jatra palas to be eligible for registration. On Wednesday, five troupes- Nodi Jatra Unit, Ruposhi Bangla Jatra Unit, Balaka Shilpi Goshthi, Phalguni Jatra Unit and Rasheda Opera- staged palas at the Studio Theatre Hall of the academy.
The first pala staged on Wednesday was Nodi Jatra Unit’s Bedkonya, which is about a community of snake-charmers.
Ruposhi Bangla Jatra Unit staged the well known classic of Laily Majnu. The age-old Persian love story of Laily and Majnu, in the traditional jatra style, was capable to entertain the audience. Songs and dances, incorporated in the pala, also amused the audience.
Balaka Shilpi Goshthi staged a familiar pala titled Komolar Bonobas. The pala is a tragic account of Komola, who has to go through a series of ordeals forced upon her by society.
Phalguni Jatra Unit and Rasheda Opera staged Mayer Chokhe Jol and Sagar Bhasa respectively.
Seven more troupes- Modhumala Natya Sangstha, Manjushree Opera, Titas Natya Sangstha, Kartik Natya Sangstha, Jyoti Opera, Swarup Kotha Jatradal, Nabaranjan Opera- will stage palas today at the same venue.

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