Exhibition shows calligraphic art at Shilpakala

July 5, 2015

Exhibition shows calligraphic art at ShilpakalaA group of 36 calligraphers are demonstrating their skill in the art of decorative handwriting at a group show at the National Art Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. The show, titled Calligraphy Painting Exhibition, has been jointly organised by Bangladesh Calligraphy Artists Guild and Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. Among the 140 calligraphic pieces on display, about two-thirds are based on Arabic words and texts from the holy Quran, while the rest are done in Bangla. The artists have used diverse mediums such as oil colour, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media to produce works showing decorative lettering with innovative forms and patterns, while some have tactfully used objects related to the theme of the texts. For example, calligrapher Belal Ahmed used palm leaves, pen and velvet to produce an admirable work where he wrote three suras – Sura Ikhlas, Sura An-Nas and Sura Al-Falaq – each made out of the palm leaves. The leaves were then placed on the colourful velvet. Another intriguing work by the artist has a clock placed inside a rectangular frame, where he has written the second-smallest sura of the holy Quran, Sura Asr. For those who know Arabic, it will be easy to make out the connection between the content of the sura (‘asr’ means time) and the clock.
Among the pieces developed with Bangla words, there are several that are really admirable. Artist Prodyut Kumar Das’ mixed-media calligraphy, where he wrote the words ‘Bhaijanre Koio More Naior Nito Aiya,’ the first line of a popular song, coupled with a leather-made female figure, deserves careful attention.
Sujon Mahbub’s mixed-media piece where a human face placed under a text that reads ‘I am trying to be an ideal spectator and listener’ also deserves attention.
The exhibition, inaugurated on July 3, will remain open for all until July 9.

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