Exhibition depicts relation between people, Padma

January 31, 2014

Exhibition depicts relation between people, PadmaThe life of the people depending on the mighty river Padma are on display at a photography exhibition at the La Galerie, Alliance Française de Dhaka.
The two-week exhibition titled Life and Struggle of Padma displays 20 black and white photographs captured by noted photographer Sumon Yousuf.
Yousuf has beautifully captured the happiness, sorrow, struggles and simplicity of the people living near the river. However, the visitors would not have any difficulty in comprehending the message of the photographs. ‘As a photographer, I like to work with the black and white medium. Besides, it is a popular method of documentary photography to emphasise more on the content and less on composition of the images,’ Yousuf told New Age while talking about the photographs at the exhibition.
The first image of the series Life and Struggle of Padma depicts a rural woman washing her clothes in bank of the river. In the image 7, a man and a woman have been captured while bathing and washing two dogs roaming beside river water revealing the fact that the river is generous enough to fulfill the need of every living being with its abundant resources. ‘Almost all the emotions of those people are somehow connected to the river, which makes the people surrounding it laugh and cry with its devastating force and never-ending wealth,’ shared Yousuf.
The natural scenes of the river have also been framed by the photographer. The vast water body of the river stretching into the immense sky in the farthest horizon in some of the images can captivate the viewers at the show. Such breathtaking view of river Padma and its surroundings has been depicted in image 21, which shows beautiful bushes of Kash phul (kans grass) on the bank of Padma River.
Inaugurated on January 24, the exhibition will remain open everyday except Sundays from 3:00 to 8:00pm till February 06.

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