Documentary on disabled children at Goethe-Institut

August 31, 2009

The Goethe Institut will organise a screening of three documentaries at the programme titled ‘Movie Night: Werner Herzog’ at its auditorium in Dhanmondi on September 2.
The screening will start from 5:30pm. Three documentaries, made by noted German film maker Werner Herzog will be screened on the day. The documentaries will uphold the issues relating to children.
The documentaries include ‘Handicapped Future’ (43 minutes, 1971), ‘No one will play with me’, (14 minutes, 1976) and ‘Ballad of the little soldier’ (45 minutes, 1984).
The film ‘Handicapped Future’ deals with the condition of the handicapped children, the chances of the development of their talents and their participation in society. The filmmaker highlights that there is no problem child. He thinks that it is the problem of the parents. He has portrayed the subject in the film ‘No one will play with me’.
The film ‘Ballad of the little soldier’ is about the child soldiers who are tragically caught up in the Miskito Indian resistance of Nicaragua.
The filmmaker presents all of this with a flat, observational tone. The images of disabled children who are struggling to learn how to walk and balance themselves in heartbreaking situation are presented. It is obvious that Herzog intends to introduce the children to the people who ignore the disabled children.
‘We have arranged these documentaries for raising social awareness to develop the mentality of handicapped children alongside drawing attention from the people to these handicapped children’, said Khademul Insan an organiser of the Wednesday movie night.

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