Cycling in Circle: Mostafiz’s solo at AFD

April 29, 2012

Mostafiz Karigar presents his inner contemplation on different issues relevant to human life in his debut art show titled ‘Cycling in Circle’ at the La Galerie of Alliance Française de Dhaka.
Realism and romanticism are found in his works which do not follow any specific language of art. He is inspired and motivated by time. Therefore, things around Mostafiz are his major subjects. Injustice and vulnerable humanity make the artist to fill his canvases with the touch of ‘brutal’ reality. Human figure appears as a key motif of his works.
Mostafiz’s paintings are romantic but influenced by sexuality. Domni Pa, Inspiration, Banalata Sen, Flowing Love, Swimming, The Green Age and others are examples if such kind of works.
Folklore and mythological characters are also important elements in his paintings. His ‘Hunting’ series is symbolic which portrays the gradual changes of human mind through nature of preys in the exhibition.
In ancient time human used to hunt beasts but these days they hunt humanity. White ambience of the composition somehow represents helpless feelings of the artist.
The Red, done in acrylic on paper, depicts artist’s urge to get back to his root.
His political satire Our Honorable Decision Makers, ink on canvas, presents politicians in a sarcastic way. ‘Microcredit’ is also a symbolic work to portray the reality behind the corporate culture existing in the society.
‘Civilisation in Zero Hour depicts the long voyage of human civilisation. Absence of Dream, oil on canvas, represents the frustration of a human being, perhaps his own.
As a student of MFA in ceramics at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University Mostafiz displays his potential as a painter through the ongoing first solo exhibition.
Exhibition which was inaugurated by Artist Samarjit Roy Chowdhury will remain open for all from 3; 00pm to 8:00 pm till 2nd May, except Sundays.

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