Autistic children show creative potential

August 10, 2015

Autistic children show creative potentialA group of autistic children are displaying their paintings at a group art exhibition at Drik Gallery, driving home the message that their neurobehavioral disorder is in no way a barrier to their creativity. Ninety children from 10 special schools have joined hands for the show, showcasing 120 pieces under the title of Emerged From Unknown 7. The show has been organised by an autism-specific organisation called HANS and sponsored by Surf Excel.The works are distinguishable by a surprisingly mature sense of colour combinations and dealt with a variety of themes, including human beings, wildlife, city and rural life, and historical monuments.
Mediums such as crayon, watercolour and colour pencils have been used for the works.
Kishor, a 15-year-old student of Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (Kalyani), has depicted a river with several boats plying its blue surface.
Sohom, a seven-year-old student of Hope Autism Centre, has painted golden sunrays while 11-year-old Ullash Kumar Saha, a student of Smiling Children, depicted a group of young men playing football on a playground.
Seven-year-old Marium Ahmed, a student of School for Gifted Children, has depicted flowers while nine-year-old Mohammad Arif, a student of Exceptional Mind, has drawn a duck floating on water.
Students from SWID Bangladesh, Ramna Buddhi Protibondhi School, Society for the Welfare of the Autistic, Parents Forum of Differently Able, and Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation have also participated in the show.
The exhibition was inaugurated on August 7 and will remain open for all till August 14.

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