Artcell tribute concert held

October 25, 2009

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All was set with the superb lighting and the projection screens on both sides of the stage. The hall room of the Winter Garden was overflowing with young fans of the heavy metal band Artcell. Suddenly the band members appeared on the stage amidst loud applause. When the concert began with one of their most favourite songs ‘Shahid Swaranee’, the hall room turned into a festive ground with cheering shouts.
Heavy metal band Artcell stepped into its 10th year. To celebrate this occasion, the band members organised a concert at the Winter Garden of Hotel Sheraton Friday evening.
After‘Shahid Swaranee’, they sang ‘Onno Shomoy’ and ‘Dukhho bilash’. The audience enjoyed the songs so much that they also began to sing with the band for the most part.
The band was formed in November 1999 with a view to presenting metal and alternative rocks with the line-up: Lincoln De Costa as vocalist and on guitar, Khandoker Ershad on guitar, Saef All Nazi Cezanne on the bass and Sadequl Arefin Shaju on the drums.
After an interval, Artcell performed ‘Uthsaber Utsahe’, ‘Oniket prantar’ and ‘Chilekothar shepai’. They also performed Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish you’re here’ and Metallica’s ‘Unforgiven 1’.
The audience kept chanting and singing while they were singing the English songs along with their favourite numbers.
Band members from Miles, Feedback, Warfaze, Aurthohin, Cryptic Fate, Rockstrata, X-factor, Power Surge, Reborn and Mechanix performed at the programme. They congratulated Artcell on their 10th founding anniversary.
The concert is arranged not only to celebrate, but also to pay a tribute to the band groups that have always stood beside Artcell whenever it needed support, said Manjero Raihan, the band’s public relations officer.
All the bands sang at least one of Artcell’s songs together with one or two of theirs.
Miles’s Hamin Ahmed, Feedback’s Maksud, Warfaze’s Kamal, X-factor’s Jewel and Aurthohin’s Sumon performed at the programme.
Cryptic Fate, Rockstrata, Mechanix, Reborn and Power Surge also rendered their songs together with some of Artcell’s favourite numbers like ‘Odekha Shorgo’, ‘Chilekothar shepai’ and ‘Rahur Grash’.
The mesmerising guitar playing of Hamin Ahmed, Kamal, Jewel, Sumon and Ershad was an attraction at the programme.
All the performances had captivated the music-lovers for about five hours.

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