Art show explores influence of folklore

July 6, 2015

Art show explores influence of folkloreArtists Afzalur Rahim and Samina Nafies are displaying their experimental artworks at an exhibition at the Bishwo Shahitto Kendro art gallery in Dhaka. The exhibition, simply titled Exhibition, is a tribute to folk art and features works including paintings, terracotta pieces, hand-woven textiles and an installation – all inspired by folklore and motifs.
Samina Nafies presents five oil paintings in which she has depicted household items and natural elements in soft, soothing colours. All the five are part of a series titled Polli Smritee (Village Memory).
In the paintings, Samina has brought hand-fan, decorated potteries, flowers and other such items on her canvases.
Afzalur Rahim, on the other hand, has shown dexterity in using different mediums to portray folk motifs.
Afzal’s terracotta, a traditional art form, is impressive. For example, a number of boats are seen forming a spectacular pattern in a small terracotta piece, while another piece shows a wedding scene with a palki and a man with musical instruments.
His flower vases, small in size but with impressive patterns, can be a collector’s prized possessions. The artist has made twelve vases of different forms and looks.
Another major attraction of the show is a collection of handwoven jamdani saris and kurtas. Afzal has put diverse floral motifs on the traditional fabrics.
‘The show is organised in honour of folk artists and their creations. We have tried to show some of the arts and mediums indigenous to this land,’ said Samina Nafies.
The exhibition was inaugurated on July 3 and will remain open till 6pm today.

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